A Mast Tuning Guide - The Light Version

Mast tuning is simple if you remember a couple of basic principles. If you understand these principles, you can tune just about any mast.

Boom Drawing Sheet

Attached is the boom drawing sheet for download and printing

Hinged Mast Bases

Hinged mast bases are designed for deck stepped masts to be used to help in the stepping process using a gin pole or on smaller masts, by hand. They are not designed to be used as tabernacle bases for temporarily lowering a mast to pass under a bridge or obstruction. For that use, we can custom make...

Mast Assembly Instructions

Unpack mast carefully and check to be sure that you have received all necessary parts. if there is any hidden damage, it must be reported to the trucking company and Ballenger Spar Systems immediately (see shipping damage info sticker on package).

Mast Info Sheet

Below is the Mast Information Sheet for download and printing.

Mast Maintenance

The single greatest cause of sailors becoming power boaters is the lack of maintenance given to their spars and rigging. many sailors simply sail their boats until the rig falls down. this practice is great for our business but bad for both insurance companies and boat owners. a simple inspection an...